Káragerði is a family-run horse breeding and training farm. Owned by Ragna Bogadóttir and Viðar Halldórsson, our grounds offer a unique environment to train, breed and sell horses, where you will find a range of scales from colts, yearlings and maturely trained competition horses.

Located in south of Iceland, Káragerði is approximately one and a half hour away from the capital, and derives it's name from the Brennu-Njáls sagas, the icelandic fued during the thirteenth century where a Hebidean viking 'Kári' was the solider of fortune.

Running Káragerði is our full time occupation and we absolutely love to meet new people in the stables and be able to train horses all day.

Welcome to Káragerði

We are Benjamín Sandur and Jóhanna. We moved to Káragerði in spring 2017, and feel pretty fortunate to be able to work with our passion every day at the farm.

Our biggest passion is horses. Here at Káragerði, not only do we prepare and sell horses for our customers, we have a lot of experience in training for competition and fizo, and we are happy to report that Benjamín was a world Champion in PP1 2019 on Messa from Káragerði.

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World Champion 2019

Messa from Káragerði is a world champion in PP1. Icelandic champion in PP1 2016, 2018 and 2019. We are extremely proud that we had this an amazing mare at Káragerði. Messa was sold to Austria in 2019.

Káragerði is operated by Benjamín Sandur and Jóhanna. Káragerði is located about an hour and a half from Reykjavík Capital. At Káragerði we offer stables for 30 horses, and a riding hall that is 18x40.

At Káragerði we offer horse training for horses at every level, horses for sale, and we always aim to find the perfect partner for you.

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At Káragerði we offer training for your horses at all levels. If you're looking for someone with wide range of expertise to train your horse, look no further we got you covered.

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Our beautiful farm is located in South Iceland,

Icelandic horse breeding and training facility, with lot of experience training the Icelandic horse.